How Can an Appearance Lawyer Make a Good First Impression?

Court appearance lawyers like all other lawyers work not only for money but reputation. Making a good first impression is a solid start for any work at the courthouse. Anything matters – gestures, clothing, speech, discipline. The work of a court appearance lawyer starts at the doorsteps of the courthouse. In this article, we will cite several judges speaking about the impression an attorney can make at the court.


Outward Behavior

“Be Prompt, Polite and Professional.” Judge Lynne Stewart

Your outward behavior is a mark of your professionalism. Being polite at the courthouse is not only a sign of ethics. It marks your standards as a lawyer and gives you a chance to present yourself professionally.

Courthouse Staff is More Than Office Worker

“Approach court and chambers staff with respect and a healthy dose of humility.  They are experienced, knowledgeable and have the judge’s respect and trust.” Judge Julie Robinson

Often the court personnel is a source of valuable information. Building healthy and respectful relations with chambers staff will help you advance as a lawyer. After all, you may step into the same courthouse not only once, and the reputation you build as a first impression will condition future interactions.


Ask Questions

“[If you] [d]on’t understand what the Judge is saying, ask!” Judge Lynne Stewart

Often novice lawyers are shy to ask questions. They don’t want to look uneducated. But asking questions is not lack of knowledge. Often times you will make a good impression exactly because you had the bravery to ask the right question. Don’t be afraid of asking what you don’t know. If you don’t ask, you may miss an important piece of information that could serve good to your case.

Build Credibility

“Make friends, not enemies, everywhere you go.”  “Pick your battles. Credibility is all you have.”  Judge Robinson

Do not try to overact. You are not enemies with the opposing counsel. Making your arguments clear without a dose of hostility is a sign of professionalism and will make a good first impression.

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