How to be more effective in a court appearance

Experienced attorneys know that first impressions count a lot. The way you are dressed and the way you act may have a profound effect on your professional image. Such matters are significant for your court appearance as they will affect the way things are done for in the courthouse.

In this article, I am going to give you some tips on how to be more effective in a court appearance. We will talk about professional look and manners that will increase your efficiency as an appearance attorney.


Dress professionally during your court appearance

The way you look is as important as the way you speak. Be sure to wear business professional outfit looking classic and timeless. You don’t want to impress anyone with your clothing in the courthouse so try to be to some extent modest. It’s always a good idea to err a little on the side of being conservatively dressed.


Be on time

Being on time is the number one rule, and the violation may cost you and your client. Be mindful of the potential delays like weather, traffic, elevator, security checkpoints and factor them into your schedule. But if you are late despite your best efforts, make sure to call the courthouse or the opposing counsel and let them know.


Be respectful to courtroom staff

Show to the courtroom staff including bailiffs, judicial assistants, and clerks the same respect you show to the judge. These people are a source of information for you. They are knowledgeable on everyday issues and have the respect and trust of the judge.


Know the rules and follow them

Most courts and some judges have their specific rules which you must be fully aware. Call and ask the clerk if there are applicable rules and where you can find them. Get the electronic version and download on your mobile device for your reference.


Wait your turn to speak

Interrupting other people is not a proper manner and is a sign of disrespect to the courtroom. You must be aware that you do not have the right to speak always and patiently wait to be addressed. This is true even if you do not agree what the judge or another attorney says.


These five tips will help you be more effective in a courthouse. AppearMe has experienced attorneys that can perform professionally. Allow us to help you find an attorney on demand who will make a successful court appearance for you.

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