Be My Appearance Counsel!

If you try AppearMe for finding an appearance counsel, you will immediately see the difference. No more middle-man markup. You communicate directly, and thousands of counsels get your messages instantly. Love the idea? Go on reading about AppearMe, a revolutionary application that has had a positive impact on the career of many lawyers.


Thousands of Appearance Counsels Get Instant Messages

When you post a request for a court appearance, the lawyers registered with the portal get instant messages. Now the most exciting part! The first lawyer who commits to your appearance gets the job. This feature urges the legal professionals to act super-fast! Less than one minute and someone will commit to your appearance!

Now you can sit back and wait till the lawyer covers your court hearing and comes up with a brief report.


Get a Timely Report

The attorney who takes up the job assignment will get the payment only and if he/she submits a brief report on the court appearance. When the appearance attorney clicks “Submit and Close,” the amount minus the processing fee is transferred to his/her bank account which will be there once the processing bank finishes the transaction. No one plays tricks! Clear, accurate and straightforward rules make the application a real help for many attorneys.


Appearance Counsels with AppearMe are Competent in a Lot of Practice Areas

When an attorney registers with AppearMe, he/she can specify the practice area they are most qualified in writing about it in their bios. AppearMe approves the lawyers’ profiles only if they are attorneys with an active license and are qualified to practice law according to State Bar Association website. They are highly competent in a number of fields, including family law, bankruptcy, civil, criminal, immigration law and so on. They appear to various appearances, including Ex Parte, depositions, motions, pretrials, status conferences and so on.



Appearance Counsel: Sign up to AppearMe If You Haven’t Done So!

You don’t pay anything when you sign up. This is an absolutely free portal to join. Why not have an instrument in your arsenal of legal tools when you can use it when needed or desired? Taken the suitability of this legal instrument, we encourage you to sign up today, and our staff will consider your profile in a couple of hours.

If you still have questions, please read our help page or contact our staff for additional information. When we approve your profile, don’t forget to invite your attorney friends and get $10 for each sign-up.

One last thing! You can also refer a case using our application and earn a referral fee (depending on the state regulations). For additional info contact us!

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