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Lawyers have busy schedules, and it is not something new. The general pressure and the stress of the profession makes some lawyers think about new ways of coping with everyday demands. Finding coverage for your court hearing is something all attorneys have been doing since the outset of the profession. The question is how to make the hiring process effective so that you don’t wreck your nerves or get into trouble.

Today’s market is extremely creative and innovative. The technological innovations have embraced the realm of court appearances. Now you can find a court appearance attorney in less than a minute. Sounds fantastic? Here is the story of AppearMe, a web and mobile app that has disrupted the traditional modes of hiring an appearance attorney.


What is AppearMe?

Born in 2016, AppearMe is a real-time and on-demand web and mobile app that connects attorneys of record with appearance attorneys within minutes. It is created by attorneys for attorneys. The founders of the startup were well aware of attorney needs, and they themselves looked for easy ways of finding an appearance attorney in dire times. They knew the market lacked a fast, efficient and easy solution for court coverage. AppearMe was born from those concerns and needs.

After two years, thousands of attorneys are registered in the portal in the states of California, Nevada, and TexasWe have lawyers in Van Nuys, Huntington, Paradise, Los Angeles, Glendale and elsewhere. The attorneys registered with AppearMe already use the system to find easy solutions to the challenges of legal practice.


Is it Possible to Find a Court Appearance Professional in Less than a Minute?

You may be wondering how is it possible to find a court appearance professional in less than a minute. The answer is that the portal applies an automatic system of matching attorneys of record with court appearance professionals. When you submit a request, thousands of attorney get push notifications, and the first one who accepts your request will be your court appearance attorney. Our record time is less than 27 seconds. This is something that lawyers in the past would not even dream about.


How Do I Know that the Attorney is Qualified?

The second question that may concern you is whether the attorney is qualified. AppearMe takes care that only attorneys with active license get into the system. When an attorney signs up to the system, he or she has to fill in an attorney’s bar number which is checked by AppearMe through the attorney’s state bar association website. To approve the account, AppearMe considers factors like disciplinary action or an inactive bar license. Those who don’t qualify, won’t get into the system.


How do I Sign up?

Signing up to AppearMe as easy as using the portal. You have to take two easy steps to sign up. You need to fill in your full name, email, password under step 1 and the state, bar number, phone number under step 2 (currently AppearMe operates in California, Nevada, and Texas). You also have to accept the Terms of Use. We strongly encourage you to read the Terms of Use as this is the legal document between you and AppearMe.

We have created a portal that is most needed in this hectic time. Take advantage if you have faced times when an appearance attorney could save your day. Never let things get out of control again. If you have any question or for technical support, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (818) 744-3505.

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