What does an appearanace attorney do?

When time is of essence, appearance attorneys can be your angels. If attorneys of record have urgent matters, urgent calls or simply unwilling to attend a court hearing, they can always rely on appearance attorneys.

Appearance attorneys or otherwise called attorneys on demand can be helpful to you in many senses. They can attend hearings you are unwilling to go for various reasons. You may be overwhelmed with urgent matters or you simply can’t meet all the deadlines without hiring an appearance attorney. After all, you may just be stressed out.

Whatever the reason, hiring an appearance attorney is always a good deal for a busy schedule of a lawyer.


Here is what appearance attorneys can do for you


  •         Hand in missing documents

There may be times when your schedule is so tight that you are not in a position to attend a hearing. If it concerns a minor matter like handing in a missing document, hiring an appearance attorney is the best you can do.

  •         Obtain coverage for your appearances

When dealing with a high volume of practice, obtaining coverage for all your hearings can be challenging. There can be no limit for appreciating the help of appearance attorneys to cover your appearance when you drastically need that.

  •         Reschedule a court date or request a continuance

You don’t need to travel to the courthouse and back just to reschedule a hearing. You can do a lot more as a lawyer if you hire someone to do that for you. There are many reasons why a lawyer will do that for you, and you can always be sure that they will do a proper job. After all, even recent law graduates can request a continuance, so you don’t have to worry.


Finding an appearance attorney is easy now


You may have hundreds of reasons to call an appearance lawyer. The question is how to hire one? Contacting agencies or seeking recommendations of friends is outmoded and has proved to be ineffective.

We have a better offer for you.

Use AppearMe web and mobile app to hire an appearance attorney within minutes. Sign up for this efficiency-proven tool, and you will be amazed how much work you can accomplish at a given time.

AppearMe is an easy-to-use platform that connects thousands of attorneys on demand with appearance lawyers. All they need to do is to register in the system and start working together on the web and mobile platform.

AppearMe is beneficial on both sides. Attorneys on record won’t have a hard time with busy schedules and attorneys on demand will have plenty of job offers.

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