Why Would a Lawyer Refer a Case to Another Law Firm?

It’s not a secret that lawyers get into trouble with caseload sometimes. One of the solutions is to refer a case to another law firm or attorney. But heavy caseload is not the only reason for referring your case to another law firm. The legal practitioners often have other motives and reasons to refer a case and here are some.



Lawyers are smart, but they are not expert in all practice areas. You may want to refer a case because you are not experienced in that particular area of law. If you are a divorce lawyer, it makes no sense to get into a car accident case. You would be smart to refer the case to a car accident attorney and earn a referral fee.


Up-Front Costs

Sometimes a case may require significant up-front costs, and you don’t want to get into that. If you are a small firm or an independent attorney, it makes sense to refer the case to a larger firm that will have the resources to cover the costs. You will get your referral fee anyway if your state bar regulations allow that.


Heavy Caseload

You may be so busy that taking another case would be a killer. You realize that you will not have time to do a decent job and one of the options will be just to drop the case. But why just drop it? You can refer the case and earn your commission depending on state regulations. The smart solution if you really are too busy is referring the case to another attorney or a law firm.


Out of Competence

Sometimes a client may approach to take a case in another state or in a court to which you have not been admitted. You may well pass the case to a law firm or attorney that can work in that jurisdiction.


Easy Way to Refer a Case

My final tip will be to refer a case through AppearMe. AppearMe is a web and mobile application where attorneys exchange court appearances and post entire cases. The pretty nice thing about referring a case through AppearMe is that AppearMe charges no fee from attorneys that refer and accept cases. So, your job is just to sign up and refer a case when the need comes.

Please note you need to honor and pay referral fees in accordance with each state’s Bar rules and regulations.

We do, in fact, charge processing fee for court appearances, depositions, and court reporting. If you become a member of the portal, you can also hire court appearance attorneys and court reporters. You will be charged once another attorney accepts your offer.

Going back to referring a case. Yes, no charge from our side. Contact AppearMe or sign up today!

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