Court Reporter: A Step by Step Career Guide

Your career as a court reporter may be more promising than you could imagine if you follow one simple advice – trust the technology! I am going to tell you about a tech application that helps court reporters find jobs. With the help of the portal, you will not be short of job offers, and you can work whenever you want or need.

To boost your career as a court reporter, you need to sign up to a portal called AppearMe. AppearMe is a web and mobile application for legal professionals. We have thousands of attorneys and court reporters registered in the portal in the states of California, New York, Texas, Nevada, and New Jersey. Attorneys post job offers every day, almost every each hour of the day in all five states.

Although AppearMe was originally created with the aim of helping attorneys find court appearance lawyers, it has expanded recently, and we also serve attorneys to find court reporters. Here is what you need to do in order to gain the advantage of the portal.


Our Step by Step Career Guide for a Court Reporter

The first and foremost thing is to register to the portal. You can register for free. And guess what? Even if you don’t find one single job (no way!), you still don’t lose anything! So, I encourage to sign up as soon as possible to start receiving job offers.

We require simple information to submit like your name, password, license type, and number. We need this info to verify if you have proper certification. Since only properly certified court reporters can be users of the application, the approval of your profile will depend on the information you submit. (Note: please don’t forget to specify “court reporter” as a user type).

Once we approve your profile, you can start receiving job offers. The smart move is that the first court reporter who accepts the offer will cover the assignment. So, be fast! Accept the offer, and you will get the job!

Now the fun part! Go, cover the assignment and do it professionally! Once you complete your task, submit the written transcript, and you will be paid immediately.


All is done in 7 simple steps!

1. Sign up
2. Get approved
3. Start receiving job offers
4. Accept the offer
5. Cover the assignment
6. Submit the transcript
7. Get Paid


If you have any questions, please contact our staff. But don’t forget that your career boom will start with one simple move – signing up to AppearMe!

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