Per Diem Attorneys Registered in the Portal Appear Anywhere in New York

Per diem attorneys registered in the AppearMe portal will cover your hearings anywhere in New York. They appear anywhere, for any court hearing and at any time. You can find coverage for civil, criminal, collection, bankruptcy hearings and more. Once you become a registered user of AppearMe, finding a per diem attorney will take less than a minute.


How Do I Sign up and Request an Appearance?

You need to sign up in the portal which will take less than 2 minutes. Once you submit the information, our staff will verify your account through the state bar association website. If you are an attorney with an active license and eligible to practice law according to the state bar association, you will get into the system. It takes a couple of hours for AppearMe to verify your profile. You will get an email saying that your account is approved. Once you become a user of AppearMe, you can start posting and accepting unlimited per diem attorney offers.

Creating an appearance is as simple as signing up. You need to fill out a couple of fields spending not more than 2 minutes of your busy schedule. The system will guide you through steps. Once you submit the request, it may take less than one minute for another lawyer to claim for your appearance.


Find Per Diem Attorneys even 10 Minutes Before Your Court Hearing

Anything can happen. You may have a flat tire or get into a traffic jam. Need a last minute per diem attorney? Submit an appearance request even 10 minutes before your hearing and chances are big that someone will claim for your appearance.

We have thousands of lawyers registered in the portal who love making extra $80 to $250 just for picking up a couple of documents from the courthouse. Wouldn’t you? No wonder lawyers eagerly accept job offers posted on the AppearMe portal.


What Type of Hearings Do Attorneys Registered in the Portal Cover?

The lawyers registered in the portal cover a wide range of appearances. The majority of the cases are Criminal, DUI, Civil, Bankruptcy, Collection, Family, Immigration and so on. Please click here for the types of hearings covered.

Most lawyers specify the areas of their preference when they sign up. You may find a legal professional specialized only in family law. Or you may find someone that does only depositions. This makes the portal extremely efficient regarding legal competence and effectiveness.

Have questions? Review our help page or sign up now. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff.

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