AppearMe Expands to New Jersey! Find a Court Reporter in New Jersey and Refer a Case

We have great news for all users and non-users of AppearMe. The company is expanding to cover New Jersey in its service area. But not only that! In addition to posting/accepting per diem attorney job requests, you can find a court reporter in New Jersey and refer a case.


Find a Court Reporter in New Jersey

New Jersey attorneys can stop worrying about the time-consuming experience of locating a per diem attorney or a court reporter. No more useless phone calls! Now you can use a 100% automated application where lawyers post and receive job requests every day.

A court reporter will commit to your offer instantly. Once you post an offer, thousands of users receive emails and push notifications on their mobiles. Want to get the job? Respond instantly after you receive a notification! This is the logic backing the application, and this smart and up-to-date solution brings surprisingly fast results.

AppearMe approves only profiles of court reporters with an active license. So don’t worry about getting a lay person. We verify and check the license info submitted while registering.


Refer a Case

One of the fascinating features of AppearMe is case referral for free. You don’t pay anything out of your pocket to AppearMe when you refer a case.

If you have heavy caseload or you are not an expert in a specific practice area, it is smarter not miss the case and refer it with AppearMe. Why pay unnecessary costs to referral services when you can do that absolutely free on our application and earn a referral fee? The attorneys must pay and honor fees in accordance with each state’s bar rules and regulations. They may vary from state to state.


Contact AppearMe If Any Questions

If you are not a user of AppearMe so far, we encourage you to sign up. This offer is valid only for attorneys and court reporters with an active license. If you are one, please don’t hesitate to sign up or contact us immediately for any additional questions.


  • I’m sure a court reporter would help you a lot. It’s good to know that in order to find someone, you can use an automated application, like you said. That would probably be much more convenient for getting things in place for your court case.

    Gary Puntman
  • Great to know that there is finally an automated solution for legal professionals to find certified court reporters in New Jersey! As you said, there are way too many hours wasted on trying to manually find and call local court reporting companies in NJ to cover litigation events.

    Gregg Wolfe

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