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The witness experts in this category may provide reports and testimony on the regulations and requirements for the design and construction of buildings. They will consult you on design parameters, construction defects, compliance with the plans and specifications, etc.

Find a documents & handwriting expert witness to advise you and provide testimony regarding document examination and medical records, including signature authentication, paper and handwriting comparison, etc.

Browse the following list of employment & vocational witness experts to find the right match for your case. These experts may testify and provide professional opinions on various issues concerning compensation, wrongful termination, occupational & environmental health, workplace violence, etc.​

Expert Witnesses specializing in engineering can provide reports and testimony in cases involving engineering risk evaluations, engineering document responsibility, licensed engineers, safety and hazard investigation, etc.​

The witness experts founded in this category may consult and testify on the issues concerning business valuation and damages, business disputes, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, as well as economic analysis, economic analysis and appraisals, etc.​

Find an expert witness specializing in computers & technology to consult you and provide testimony. Experts found here may give opinions regarding data communications, computer engineering, software, computer security, data recovery, electronic discovery, etc.​

Family & education expert witnesses can consult and testify on issues concerning child & spousal abuse, child safety, child custody, education & school, family law & divorce, etc.

Forensic & Laboratory testing expert witnesses may assist you and testify regarding criminology, DNA, fingerprints & footprints, forensic medicine, forensic pathology, forensic pediatrics, forensic pharmacology, and more.​

Browse our list of hospitals & medical services witness experts to find a suitable professional for your case. These experts may consult and testify on issues regarding emergency medicine, traumas, medical devices, medical malpractice, medical ethics, health care, etc.​

Here you can find expert witnesses available to consult and testify regarding environmental & science-related issues, including pollution, hazardous waste microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, and more.​

Hotel, food, and restaurant expert witnesses opine on a case involving hotel security, food safety, hotel appraisal, restraint procedures, sustainable food, historic renovations, and more.​

Explore and find an insurance expert witness to assist and testify on issues concerning insurance malpractice, insurance regulation, insurance loss claims, insurance policy interpretation, and other related topics.​

Expert witnesses who are available in this category may consult and testify regarding legal malpractice, legal ethics, legal fees, legal staffing, labor law, lemon laws, civil litigation, criminal law, etc.​

Find medical expert witnesses who are available to consult and testify regarding various fields of medicine, including neurology, anesthesiology, neurology, pain management, and more.​

Police & Penal witness experts can opine on issues regarding police traffic radar, police procedures, crime scene, prisons and jails, as well as the use of deadly & excessive force, and more.​

Psychologists & Psychiatrists expert witnesses are available to consult and testify on child psychiatry & psychology, traumatic stress, neuropsychiatry, developmental disabilities, cognitive and emotional damages, etc.​

Search our list of Real estate expert witnesses to find an expert that fits your needs. The experts listed here can consult and give testimony on real estate appraisals, real estate brokers, real estate agents, real estate damages, real estate leasing, etc.​

Experts listed here may consult on issues involving bus & truck safety, motorcycles & bicycles, transportation engineering & infrastructure, seat belts, driver behavior, automotive issues, bridges, highways, etc.​