Time is Money: Experience the Best with AppearMe

Every attorney is in a daily struggle of overcoming professionally his busy schedule full of meetings, court sessions, administrative meetings, and so on. In order to avoid spending time in traffic jams or court queues, which ends are never visible, many attorneys rely on AppearMe to get the fastest, secure, and flexible attorney appearance services. The rapidly updating system of the platform enables everyone to post/accept court appearances, depositions, legal freelancing, court reporting jobs, case referrals, and get matched within seconds. The services of AppearMe are based on fair and beneficial standards for the users where all the details, including pricing and timing are presented accurately. 


How to get AppearMe?

The AppearMe app is available for both Android and IOS users. It takes 2 minutes to register on the website for free and only a minute to find the attorney corresponding entirely to the lawyer’s needs. It’s worthy to mention that using AppearMe, lawyers make decisions regarding the amount they are going to pay to the attorney who will fulfill their requests. Moreover, for inviting their colleagues to join the platform, users get $40 of extra for each sign up on their accounts, which later can be used for covering the payments for any attorney services.


The Most Used Service at AppearMe

Probably, you would be interested in knowing the most preferred service of AppearMe among registered lawyers; it’s the feature of finding appearance attorneys, which allows them to escalate some of the hearings or meetings where their physical presence is not required. While the users of AppearMe continue working with their clients in their offices, special appearance attorneys present them and their provided information in the courts. Moreover, there are also registered deposition attorneys in AppearMe who are ready to defend the client at the deposition in case of the lawyer’s request.


New Feature for AppearMe Users

AppearMe recently introduced a new feature to its users, which is widely practiced in the online legal market. The app users already can hire contract lawyers who will be responsible for fulfilling the virtual tasks of lawyers, including a research memo, answer to a complaint, answer to a lawsuit, drafting deposition setting and so on. Moreover, lawyers are encouraged to add new types of contract work to the list and immediately find a respondent from the registered attorneys’ list. 


How to Earn with AppearMe

The app gives a great opportunity to the attorneys who want to earn money while taking some extra appearances for others in the court. The special features of the app allow the attorneys to accept as many requests as they wish at any time, only no later than 10 minutes before the hearing. By taking a couple of requests at the same location, the lawyers will be able to triple or quadruple their daily income. 

AppearMe strongly encourages lawyers to boost their legal practice in a productive and profitable way. Being registered in one of the largest online legal platforms of the US, the lawyers will be able to get the fastest and secure responses to their requests while enlarging their network of clients and professional connections.