The Best Way to Cover Appearances | AppearMe

How does AppearMe help you find litigation support and magically manage your caseload? The answers are hidden in its well-featured services. 

The minds behind AppearMe believe that technology is the key to efficient, strategic, and successful litigation. That’s why they created AppearMe so attorneys and law firms across the country can find litigation support faster and easier than ever before through a fully automated mobile and web application. 

The application works on a real-time and on-demand basis, enabling legal professionals to find appearance, deposition, and freelance attorneys as well as expert witnesses and litigation support specialists within minutes using a single account. With AppearMe, you also can refer your cases to other attorneys registered in the network without processing fees.


Cover Appearances: Here’re Some of AppearMe’s Time-Saving Features

  • When an attorney of record submits a request, the algorithm notifies all suitable attorneys via push notifications and emails. The first attorney who responds to the job offer gets it. 
  • If you are looking for a freelance attorney to outsource legal tasks, AppearMe lets you review the profiles of several freelancers and select the one that best matches your requirements.
  • The whole process from request making to committal takes only several minutes. 
  • Attorneys receive the payment right after closing the assignments.
  • Access to a nationwide network of screened and vetted attorneys
  • Flat Fees and transparency 
  • Secure automated billing and invoicing
  • Thanks to AppearMe-Clio integration, attorneys and law firms can access our services without even shifting the apps. 
  • Sync your appearance dates with your favorite calendar: Google, iCal, Outlook, and Yahoo.
  • Access to a free directory designed to help attorneys and law firms find litigation support specialists(court reporters, interpreters, legal writers, videographers, polygraph examiners, paralegals) and expert witnesses within minutes. 


To sign up for AppearMe, please download the application from the App Store/Google Play or visit Have questions? Please contact our 24/7 customer support service by calling at(888) 900-3080 or sending an email to [email protected].