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Did you get your degree or certificate in court reporting and get certified? Great! Welcome to the job market of court reporters! You may be seeking career information at job sites and agencies. Don’t search anymore! You are on the right site! We have tons of job opportunities for you as a court reporter, and we will help you find clients with ease.


AppearMe – Your Best Chance To Be a Successful Court Reporter

I am going to tell you about web and mobile application(App Store or Google Play) that has helped hundreds of court reporters find jobs with ease. Picture yourself sitting in a coffee shop and enjoying your cup of coffee and then bung! You get a notification on your mobile phone that someone needs a court reporter tomorrow or the next day. Be quick! Accept the offer because the first professional who responds to the offer will get the job. Once you accept the offer, you can continue your chat with your friend and wait for the next job offer to arrive. Now schedule all the assignments and get ready to work.

Seems easy? It is fantastically easy to find jobs with AppearMe. Thousands of attorneys are loyal users in the states of New York, California, New Jersey, Texas, and Nevada. They post job offers every day, sometimes several times a day. Your task is to accept the offers and cover the assignments competently.


Court Reporters Need to Register to Get Job Offers

To have access to the portal, you need to register. When you sign up, we will receive your info and verify for accuracy. You can sign up in 2 easy steps:

Step 1
Enter your full name
Specify user type – Court reporter
Step 2
Enter state
License Type
Phone number
Promo Code – if you have one


Sign up

You don’t pay any fees for registration. You will become a user of AppearMe free of charge and start receiving job offers at no cost to you. When you get a job offer, you will see the amount that you can get as a payment.

We demonstrate an innovative approach to payment procedures as well. The system completes the payment transaction automatically when you submit your assignment. Once you click “submit and close,” the amount minus the processing fee will be transferred to your bank account. It will be there after a couple of hours.

If you have questions, please contact our staff, and we will assist you in registering and answer all your questions that you may have about AppearMe.

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