Do I Need a Certified Interpreter?

So you need a court interpreter for your hearing? I guess you are confused about what type of interpreter you should get. Luckily, you don’t need a certified interpreter for all hearings (your budget would hate that!). In this article, I am going to elaborate more on this and help you find an interpreter for all types of situations really easy and fast.


Do I Really Need a Certified Interpreter in All Situations?

Your legal interpreter must have an appropriate level of qualification that meets your language needs, especially when you need a court interpreter. The interpreting work is not limited to the courtroom. You may need an interpreter during interviews with court support officer, witness preparation sessions, depositions and meetings between attorney and client.

But do you really need a certified interpreter for every situation? The answer is “no”.

Some proceedings do not legally require a certified legal interpreter. In fact, some situations require more specialized skills and subject matter expertise rather than certification. Therefore, it is not mandatory to have a certified interpreter in all situations. Check if you need one in your proceedings. If you don’t, there are other types of interpreters like language interpreters and professionally interpreters that can perform the job perfectly well. In fact, there may be situations when highly skilled non-certified interpreter with special expertise may do a better job. The truth is that there are a lot of conference interpreters with specialized knowledge that never pursued a court certification (but no doubt they can handle these assignments).

The requirements for certification also depends on where you are located. There are states that do not require certification while in other states such as New York, California, and Illinois, they test legal interpreters of different languages.


Where to Find Interpreters of Different Qualifications?

Once you are clear whether you need a certified interpreter or not, your next job is to find an appropriate agency that can provide interpreters with qualifications. Most commonly these are native language speakers that also speak English. They are language skilled, professionally qualified or certified.

Now the big news! You can find one in 60 seconds. Just submit your requirements in the mobile application AppearMe and wait on an average of 1 minute. An interpreter with a proper qualification will get back to you. This is the simplest and fastest solution in the market. Believe it or not, a lot of attorneys turn to AppearMe to find an interpreter to save from unnecessary hassle.

Simply sign up to AppearMe, submit a request and an interpreter will get back to you. Once you get matched, talk to the interpreter on the phone or through the AppearMe platform.


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