Attorney to Attorney Case Referrals in California

Attorney to attorney case referral is a popular practice in California. A lot of lawyers refer cases to other attorneys earning referral fees. Your search for referring a case may end right here because we offer you a portal that does not charge you a penny as a processing fee. Before I talk about the portal, let me emphasize that the rules ONLY apply to consumer-related referrals not an attorney to attorney referrals.

Let me elaborate more on AppearMe, a portal that has revolutionized the legal market with its fast and efficient results. You can hire a court appearance lawyer and a court reporter if you join the portal. But now I am talking about case referrals which is absolutely free when using the portal.


Advantages of Case Referrals in California with AppearMe

Using the portal is free: Normally lawyer referral services charge fees even before you establish any solid contact with an attorney. Other services charge you just for providing an attorney’s contact information.

When referring a case with AppearMe, this is not the case. We don’t charge anything from the referring attorney. You will get contacts of attorneys absolutely free, and you can earn referral fee according to state regulations. These fees are to be honored and paid in accordance with each state’s Bar rules and regulations.

Tailor your search according to your legal needs: When you use AppearMe, you can review the profile of 5 or more attorneys. You can scrutinize their background and personal info in order to choose the attorney most fit for a particular case.

You may focus on specific practice areas: When attorneys register with AppearMe, they specify the practice areas that are most preferred, and they are most competent in. When you search for an attorney, you can look at the preferred practice areas because usually, attorneys are most competent in the fields they specify.


Contact AppearMe for More Info

If you think you need or will need to refer a case to an attorney, it makes sense to sign up to this portal. Registering is free, and you may use it only when needed. If you have additional questions, please contact AppearMe for more info. You can dial (818) 744-3505, send an email at [email protected] or leave a message.

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