Attorneys on Call? Never Been Easier!

It’s not a secret that lawyers need assistance in hectic times. If you need an attorney on call, we are here to help. AppearMe, a mobile and web app connects thousands of attorneys in a huge network. In search of a freelance attorney? A deposition attorney? A court appearance attorney? There is an answer to all these situations. Surprisingly enough it is not a big office with a busy manager struggling through endless phone calls. It is an automatic mobile app where everything from invoicing to payment to request making and committal is done through automation. Quite a revolutionary tool that has been reporting progress with great potential for bigger results.

Here is what to expect from joining AppearMe that makes the life of any attorney a lot easier!


Attorneys on Call: A Pool of Attorneys Like You

This tool connects attorneys who are either in search of jobs or want to assign tasks to other attorneys (even to court reporters and interpreters!) When you join the app (FREE SIGNUP), you become a member of a big family of lawyers who accept/assign job offers starting from court appearances to depositions to researching, drafting, estate planning and general legal work. Finding a special appearance attorney in California or working as one is not a problem anymore. Just hit the “accept” button for court appearances and depositions or click “interested” if you want to do freelance legal work.


One Minute Committal

No kidding, seriously one minute!

AppearMe is built on a smart algorithm. The first lawyer who accepts the job offer covers the assignment. We have a little bit different procedures for freelance attorneys but still, you can expect an attorney to get back to you on an average of 60 seconds. The top record so far has been 27 seconds. 


Single Profile For Assigning and Accepting Offers

If you have registered with the portal to make requests, it does not mean you cannot accept offers. Who will not like the idea of making an extra $140 for handing in a couple of documents when you are already in the courthouse? The registered users make extra bucks in 10 minutes if the offer comes from the courthouse they are stuck in. Make sure to get notifications in the areas of your interest.


Automatic Payment and Invoicing

Invoicing and payments are processed automatically via the portal. Once the legal professional you hired closes the assignment, he/she will receive the sum automatically. The amount minus the processing fee goes into his/her bank account and will appear there once the processing bank completes the transaction. In the case of freelance attorneys, normal AppearMe procedures apply if the hiring attorney is content with the job.


On-Call Attorneys? That is not All!

Contact AppearMe for more info. We have endless benefits that you can enjoy like earning $40 for referring AppearMe to a friend or even receiving entire case referrals (without even paying commission to AppearMe!) And yes, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You are welcome to sign up anytime (no subscription fee).

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