Who Should Use the AppearMe App?

Can someone really find an attorney even hours before their hearing? And is it possible to escape going through the drama of going to court? Well, it turns out, that, yes, you can skip going to court and you can find an appearance attorney within minutes. And all of this is possible because of AppearMe app. Let’s learn a bit about this new awesome web and mobile app and move on to who should and you can use it.


The first thing you need to know is that AppearMe is a new application that helps find an appearance attorney within minutes in California. Are you surprised? Then we will surprise you even more. With the help of the AppearMe app, you will find an appearance attorney who will appear for you in any court, any hearing, and anytime. It is time for you to forget those days when finding an appearance attorney was nerve-wracking and miserable. Now, all you need to do is enter the web app or download the mobile app, sign up and create your case. Our experienced appearance lawyers will take your case. After your case is closed, the summery of it will put your mind to ease.

How to use the AppearMe app?

I cannot wait to inform you how easy and user-friendly the application is. Let us say you are trying to find the attorney who is the right one for you. It takes hours and days to call or fax as many lawyers as possible. Then you schedule an appointment with each of them to find out who will be able to handle your case. This can be really annoying and time-consuming.

How does AppearMe manage this task? Simply and easily. You simply submit your case. After, appearance attorneys near you will request to move forward with your case. And then you have the luxury of choosing the appearance attorney you like best. Note that it all takes just a couple of minutes.

We have good news for appearance attorneys as well. By joining AppearMe you can get tons of real cases with real clients instead of spending your precious time in court with two or fewer appearances. And, why not, it is a great opportunity for any lawyer out there to gain more working experience in a short period of time.

Reasons to hire an appearance attorney

Well, there are several reasons why you should get an appearance attorney. First of all, not everybody has the time and the recourses to appear in court. For many of us skipping the tragedy of appearing in court is a real luck. You just hire an appearance attorney who goes through the drama instead of you. So here you go, some of the reasons to let an appearance attorney go to court for you are:

  • lack of time or/and recourses
  • managing your time
  • escaping the drama

Who can use AppearMe?

Now let us make it clear who can use the AppearMe app. It is important to note, that only attorneys can use AppearMe. To be more precise, AppearMe can be used by attorneys who have:

  • an appearance that is too far from them
  • a hearing that is not “important” to the case
  • a scheduling conflict on that day for that hearing

There are many more attorneys who simply don’t want to appear to their court hearing. After all, if you are a successful lawyer with tons of work on your shoulders, there are tasks where your presence is mandatory. So why not let other attorneys appear in court for you.

The great part of this application is that it is created based on the opinion of attorneys. (The application is created after having talked to over 100 lawyers). So those who worked on the application had a clear idea on which benefits to include and which features to present.

Those who have already used AppearMe cannot get enough of this application. So don’t waste any second and join AppearMe.

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