Can a Lawyer Appear for me in a Divorce Proceeding?

Facing a divorce proceeding? One of the most frequently asked questions is whether your attorney can appear for you in a divorce proceeding. And the answer is yes. In our article, we are going to clarify whether an attorney can appear for a person in a divorce proceeding as well as answer some of the most important questions regarding divorce proceedings. So keep reading to find out how to deal with the dissolution of the marriage in your best way.

Of course, divorce is not the most pleasant thing happening. But, hey, let us be realistic! It can happen to each of us and we are not the only ones facing it. Having a highly experienced divorce attorney by your side is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Divorce hearing

Now let us talk about divorce hearing and process. The main purpose of pretrial divorce hearings is to tide everyone over till the court makes a final decision after trial. The common issues that a judge will decide after the hearing may include some of the below mentioned:

  • which spouse should pay for the insurance
  • child support and alimony
  • who should have which vehicle
  • temporary child custody and visitation

Also, they discuss emergency matters during the temporary hearings. Its aim is be scheduled to allow the judge to decide purely legal issues before trial. A divorce lawyer might schedule a hearing to ask the court to keep the other side from calling a particular witness at trial.

Divorce trial

The purpose of a trial is for the court to make a permanent decision about the end of the marriage. Unlike the hearing, at trial, each side tries to persuade the judge to accept its point of view. They do this by submitting evidence like asking the judge to review custody evaluations or financial statements. It is also done by discrediting the other side’s evidence.

You have a few different options on how to deal with it. One of the best solutions is to hire and appearance attorney who will help you with your divorce proceeding because he/she is specialized in your particular case.

Appearance attorney

Now let us discuss the reasons why you need to hire an appearance attorney for your divorce proceeding and not only. Say you have a routine case in court and you are not able to attend. One of the biggest advantages of having an appearance attorney is that he/she will make your appearance so you do not have to fight the traffic ticket or deal with all the other related issues yourself.

The attorney will need to arrange to hire an appearance attorney who will stand in on his behalf. This way they make sure that the case proceeds to be heard without being postponed. The good news is that there are many top rate attorneys who are always available to stand in for lawyers who are unable to attend their hearings. The reasons can be different: certain conflicts, distance to court, the value of your time doing other stuff, etc.

There are appearance attorneys who are legal experts and have a huge command of different areas of law. They definitely are aware of what they need to do to get the best results. An appearance attorney is knowledgeable and experienced in your particular case.

Final Notes

There are many reasons why people do hire appearance attorneys. For example, some people are too busy or have no time to deal with the divorce proceeding. Another reason is that they are not a big fan of drama and this way they will definitely avoid it. Of course, there are many other reasons why the best thing you could have asked for is an appearance attorney. He/she will be the key to your successful divorce proceeding.

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