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AppearMe Can Help You Gain More in Court Coverage

You may be one of the lawyers that work hard and make little if this article ticked you. Yes, you can gain more in court […]


Attorney Withdrawal: The Ins-And-Outs Of Getting Out

You always want to take your client cause to a successful, timely and reasonable conclusion. But life is such that things happen that you may […]


Making Appearances in State Courts For Routine and Contested Hearings

Appearance attorneys are the ones who can help you in routine and contested hearings. This assistance is invaluable at the times of emergencies or when […]


What to Do When You Are Stuck in a Courthouse?

Imagine you are sitting in a courtroom waiting for your case to be called. Suddenly, bung! You get a notification on your phone that a […]


Find Coverage for Your Court Hearing

Lawyers have busy schedules, and it is not something new. The general pressure and the stress of the profession makes some lawyers think about new […]


Who Should Use the AppearMe App?

Can someone really find an attorney even hours before their hearing? And is it possible to escape going through the drama of going to court? […]


3 Reasons why you Should Hire an Appearance Attorney

Getting a traffic ticket and realizing that you have to appear in court is a tragedy we all face. None of us wants to go […]


Do You Have to Be a Lawyer to Represent Someone in Court?

The short answer is yes! In the majority of cases, especially in the USA, you must be at least a licensed practitioner to represent someone […]

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