Find a Court Interpreter | The Directory by AppearMe

Finding a competent court interpreter with the required skills can be time-consuming. That’s why AppearMe launched a new service — a free directory that enables attorneys and law firms to find certified court interpreters who can accurately interpret court proceedings from English to a designated language and from that language into English.

The online database includes profiles of over 10,000 expert witnesses and litigation support professionals and allows you to browse, evaluate and choose the right specialist to support your case. Since the directory is organized by areas of expertise it’s extremely easy for attorneys to find the specialist they are looking for. 

The expert witnesses listed on the directory are qualified in numerous fields, including medical, accident reconstruction & safety; agricultural & animals; construction & architecture; documents & handwriting; business, financial & marketing;  computers & technology, and more. Here you can explore litigation support services available in our directory. 


How does the directory work?

  1. Sign up for AppearMe by filling out some general information 
  2. Get verified 
  3. Search, choose and contact a certified court interpreter who meets your needs

To sign up, download the AppearMe application from App Store/Google Play or visit the website. AppearMe provides a comprehensive list of services enabling attorneys and law firms to find the support they need in a matter of seconds. The mobile and web application works on a real-time and on-demand basis allowing you to find appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys and freelance attorneys nationwide within 60 seconds.


Court Interpreter: Why Choose AppearMe?

Here’re only several of many advantages of using AppearMe:

  • Free & all-in-one application  
  • All-featured services & efficient solutions 
  • The most innovative technology available to find litigation support
  • AppearMe is a 100% automated application
  • A nationwide network of attorneys who must adhere to certain requirements before joining AppearMe.

Have questions? Please contact our 24/7 customer support service by calling at(888) 900-3080 or sending an email to [email protected].