A Guide To Hiring Per Diem Attorneys

The legal market is witnessing a new trend of legal outsourcing. A lot of small and big law firms prefer to hire per diem attorneys instead of spending big money on salaried employees. The question is how to hire the right lawyer without going into a nerve-wracking experience of locating one. Here are some tips on how to find per diem lawyers easy and fast.


Use Legal Applications to Locate Per Diem Attorneys

The market is full of legal startups that offer various law-related services. AppearMe is one of such startups that helps legal professionals to hire appearance lawyers. Instead of waiting hours and even days for an agency to locate you the legal practitioner you need, you send notifications to the lawyers registered in the portal and receive an immediate response. The legal professionals registered in the portal usually respond in less than a minute.


Hire Someone Who has Expertise in a Specific Practice Area

The expertise of the appearance lawyer is a top issue when you consider candidacies. Per diem attorneys appear in many different court hearings and depositions and they should have enough experience to handle unexpected situations. This will prevent you from doing work later on trying to correct the mistakes an appearance lawyer committed.


Hire Someone Close to Your Court Location

One of the conveniences of AppearMe is that normally appearance lawyers take up assignments in their neighborhood. This means that the hired lawyer will not have to travel a long way to the court getting into traffic jams or appearing in any other unexpected situations. Sometimes legal professionals are stuck in a courthouse, and they take up an assignment in the same courthouse they happen to be. AppearMe is efficient in this sense both for the hiring lawyer and the lawyer who takes the offer.


Sign up to AppearMe

We strongly encourage you to sign up to AppearMe. Signing up is absolutely free, and you can post as many job offers as you wish and whenever you wish.

Please read AppearMe’s help page to have a clear understanding of how the application works. In any case, you can contact AppearMe with any inquiries.

When you sign up to AppearMe, you hit a bird with one stone. You can refer a case and earn a commission. Contact our 24/7 Customer Support team to learn more.

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