6 Essential Tools for Lawyers to Increase Work Efficiency & Productivity

The way lawyers do business is rapidly changing and, for the most part, it is thanks to the “legal tech revolution”. What that basically means is that legal technology solutions are taking the “robotic tasks” out of the lawyer’s calendar leaving space for creativity. To keep up with the competition, every lawyer needs to have legal apps that will free space for more creative tasks. Here are the top 6 tools every lawyer wished they had known before.  

AppearMe: an application designed to make lawyers’ life easy. Find appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, court reporters and interpreters with a single touch of the screen. Refer entire cases and receive case referrals. Take on freelance tasks like legal research, contract drafting, pleading, research memo, review of legal or court documents, summarization of records and more. You are 1-click away from becoming a demanded lawyer! Read more or Sign Up for FREE Right Now!

FastCase: a comprehensive, nationwide law library, including case law, statutes, regulations, court rules, constitutions, and law review articles. Do your legal research using one of the largest online law libraries in the world. Sign up for a free Premium 24-hour trial today!

LexisNexis/PCLaw: used by more than 15,000 law firms, PCLaw offers ONE solution to billing, accounting, trust accounting, and matter management. Spend less time on management and focus on cases. Contact  PCLaw today! Speak with a practice management expert!

DocuSign: an eSignature solution for virtually any document, starting from sales contracts to account openings and invoices. Save your time and complete contracts in minutes. No more paperwork and more trees saved! Try the eSignature Standard Now!

LawGeex: automates contract review process so that your lawyers focus on more creative tasks. This AI technology understands legal language and compares contracts to company policies. All is done in minutes rather than days of mundane work by lawyers. Request a Demo Right Now!

TalksOnLaw: helps legal professionals learn through inspiring videos. The app has transformed the learning process into entertainment so that lawyers are eager to learn even when they could watch a football match on TV! Browse briefs and get law explained to you in an entertaining manner.

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