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Your Court Reporter is 60 Seconds Away From You

Finding a court reporter should not be an issue for an attorney or law firm. Sometimes, it is. Court professionals get sick, get stuck in […]


Court Reporters: How to Write Super-Fast Under Stress

Meet Mark Kislingbury, the world’s fastest court reporter who typed 360 words per minute with 97.23% accuracy in 2004. No, he doesn’t have any extra […]


Proofreading Tips For Court Reporting Professionals

Court reporter’s task does not limit with the actual transcript creation. The clients are looking for super-accurate service and to keep to high accuracy standards […]


5 Reasons Why I Love My Career as a Court Reporter

Court reporters always have to be detail oriented, accurate and punctual. Plus, they are always expected to meet deadlines, multitask, have excellent listening, writing, typing […]


How Much Money Does a Court Reporter Make?

Before you start your education as a court reporter, you rightfully ask a question, “How much money does a court reporter make?” – The answer […]


AppearMe: Schedule a Court Reporter Using a Modern App

You are an attorney, you are busy and you are always looking for new ways to save time and get more done! Here is the […]


Your Career as a Court Reporter with AppearMe

Finally, you received your degree or certificate as a court reporter. It did not take you long, and you have high aspirations for the upcoming […]


AppearMe – Easy and Fast Solution to Court Reporting

When you are a busy lawyer, finding a court reporter should not consume much of your time. It must be frustrating to leave all the […]


Pros and Cons of a Career in Court Reporting

With thousands of options, you have decided to start a career in court reporting because someone told you, court reporters sit all day long in […]


We Have Court Reporter Openings for You

You’re nice and cozy in your warm bed and the alarm goes off! Ugh, not again! You have to get out of bed and head […]

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