We Have Court Reporter Openings for You

You’re nice and cozy in your warm bed and the alarm goes off! Ugh, not again! You have to get out of bed and head to the court after a cup of coffee! On your way to work the only thing you are thinking about is booking a trip and escaping from everyday stress and monotony! There is no doubt you need a change! So why don’t you start a freelance career as a court reporter? Haven’t you ever thought about it? Of course, you did, but something has always stopped you, right? Well, it’s time to stop procrastinating and starting a flexible side job as a court reporter.

Now is the perfect time to start your freelance career in court reporting with the help of AppearMe, a special web and mobile app that allows court reporters like you find multiple job offers. So what are you waiting for?


Top 3 Reasons to Become a Freelance Court Reporter and Join AppearMe

As already mentioned, now you can find multiple job offers for court reporters in Texas, Nevada, California, New York or New Jersey with the help of AppearMe! But why should you start your freelance career with AppearMe, you ask? In fact, there are a lot of benefits of joining our awesome web and mobile app and we will list some of them.

  • Once you join AppearMe you will be able to choose the days/hours you want to work and the number of assignments you want to take. In other words, you will be your own boss and that’s great, isn’t it?
  • Court reporting is a lucrative career and you can earn extra dollars with your new side hustle! On top of that, you don’t need to wait days until you get paid! Thanks to the fast, automated payment system you will receive payment once you close the assignment and submit the transcript.
  • Court reporters are always in high demand as they are required for most legal proceedings. So if you have always thought that full-time job is more secure than freelancing, you better change your opinion. In fact, nothing is permanent. But if you are a qualified court reporter you will certainly find multiple jobs and will always have a sense of job security with the help of AppearMe!


Long story short, if you want to grow your income and enjoy flexible work schedule, get started with AppearMe Now!


You are Just a Few Steps Away from Your AppearMe Account

Are you impatient to start your freelance career as a court reporter? If so, let’s get to work! To create an AppearMe account you will only need a few minutes!

All you need is download the AppearMe app from App Store or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet or simply sign up to AppearMe using the web. Next, you will need to fill out some information, including your license number and type. Also, don’t forget to specify “Court Reporter” under the user type (AppearMe will verify and check the license info submitted by you).

Now that you’re signed in and know your way around, you will be able to accept as many job offers as you wish!



If you have questions don’t hesitate to call us anytime at (818) 744-3505 or send an email to [email protected]. Our friendly and experienced support agents are always ready to help you in the best possible way.

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