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How do you usually find a deposition attorney when you need one? Do you phone colleagues, agencies, or just Google? The best approach is probably a mix of all of the above. But isn’t there an easier way…? Luckily, there is: AppearMe offers an innovative solution for all your legal needs. Once you create your free account, you will be able to access our nationwide network of pre-vetted deposition attorneys anytime you want. 

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The app’s interface is simple and easy to understand. Get started by installing the application on your phone. Next, create an account. Once you get verified, submit a request. Our smart algorithm will automatically match you to the most suitable deposition lawyer in a matter of seconds.

With this app, you never have to waste your time on scheduling deposition attorneys. Just concentrate on more important tasks and let AppearMe do the rest.


We Carefully Select Deposition Attorneys to Be a Part of Our Network

At AppearMe, we thoroughly screen the lawyers who want to join our nationwide network to make sure they are going to provide you with the best service. We review the information submitted by deposition attorneys and verify it through the state bar association website. Attorneys with a history of disciplinary action or inactive bar license won’t get into the system. In other words, with AppearMe you don’t just find a deposition attorney – you find a fully-screened attorney for your legal needs!


More from AppearMe

Not only does AppearMe allow you to hire deposition attorneys, but it lets you quickly and easily schedule court appearance attorneys, court reporters, court interpreters, freelance lawyers, as well as refer cases and earn a referral fee. Cool, right?


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