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If you are looking for a free case referral service that can offer you an established network of highly-qualified and certified attorneys, then our application with its all-in-one solutions and comprehensive services is for you. AppearMe was developed to be an easy, efficient, and reliable platform for legal professionals to find litigation support within minutes. Attorneys in our network are qualified to practice in a number of areas and have in-depth knowledge of local courts and its procedures. 

After submitting your referral request, you will be able to screen profiles of 5 or more attorneys who respond. This pre-screening option allows the referring attorney to select an attorney who meets all the requirements. You can also communicate with the attorney through the application to evaluate the attorney’s experience and competence.


Refer Cases: AppearMe Connects Attorneys and Charges No Fee for its Referral Service

AppearMe allows attorneys to refer cases to their other attorneys and earn a referral fee according to state rules and regulations. The referral fee percentage can vary depending on where his or her practice is located and the amount, difficulty, or novelty of the work. 

Since AppearMe only serves as a connecting application, all the arrangements concerning the referral should be made between the referring attorney and the receiving attorney. 

AppearMe is a real-time and on-demand mobile and web application that enables attorneys and law firms to find appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, freelance attorneys, interpreters, court reporters and refer entire cases without any fee within 60 seconds. 


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To sign up, download our FREE app from the Apple Store or Google Play for free or visit the website. After creating an account and getting verified, you will be able to refer your entire cases to attorneys on our platform and get an additional source of income with just one click. 


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