What Exactly to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

If you are running your own law firm, apart from the legal responsibilities, you’re expected to bring new clients, deal with financing, accounting, marketing the law firm, and spend a lot of time on administrative tasks. But wait a minute! Why not to outsource non-billable work to a virtual assistant and spend more of your time on more important tasks!

So let’s look at some tasks that lawyers can outsource to virtual assistants!


Virtual Assistant Tasks Your Firm Can Outsource to a VA

Bookkeeping: Many VAs have experience in organizing a law firm’s finances and preparing the appropriate reports. Your VA can invoice clients, pay your bills, keep track of your accounts payable and receivables, renew your bar association dues, etc. Best part? You don’t have to pay employee benefits, no need to provide the required software to the employees, no infrastructure cost, and a lot more. Accounting and bookkeeping are areas you should definitely consider outsourcing.

Talking with Clients: Lawyers are usually too busy to answer the phone and emails. Task your virtual assistant with answering the phone, sorting and organizing your inbox. They can also email potential and current clients to set up appointments and answer basic questions.

Social Media Marketing: Don’t have time to Tweet, Like, or keep your firm’s Facebook/LinkedIn page updated? No problem! Find a virtual marketing assistant who can improve your social media presence, help you attract new clients and grow.

Managing Your Calendar:  Hire a VA and let him or her handle your routine and repetitive tasks like setting appointments and managing your schedule.


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