Making Case Referrals Profitable

Case referrals may be costly if you apply to a referral service. What if I say you can find a fellow attorney to refer your case and not pay a penny to the connecting agency?! Moreover, you can still earn your referral fee. Depending on the states, this fee may vary. You can enjoy free access to attorneys with AppearMe, but we require that the referral fees be honored and paid in accordance with each state’s Bar rules and regulations.


Reasons for Case Referrals

You may decide to refer a case for a number of good reasons. Here are some:


  •         Lack of expertise: suppose you are an expert in family law and you get an offer of a case in real estate. Instead of turning down the offer, you can refer a case to a real estate lawyer and earn a referral fee.


  •         Lack of time: lawyers are busy professionals. Sometimes two or even three cases may be proposed to you that you cannot handle at once. Instead of refusing to take an offer, you can refer it to an attorney that is competent enough to handle the case.


  •         Jurisdiction: You may get an offer to appear in a court in which you cannot, such as in another state or in a court where you are not admitted. You may well pass your case to a qualified attorney and get your bucks without losing the case in total.


  •         Up-front costs: an example of a case that requires up-front costs is a complicated car accident case. In such a situation, the case may require significant costs to investigate and hire crash experts. If you are not willing to do that, you can still hire an attorney that is willing to take up the case.


Why Choose AppearMe When Referring a Case?

Whatever your reason for case referrals, you will be in an advantageous position when you refer a case with AppearMe. And here is why.


  1.       You don’t pay a penny to AppearMe for connecting you with the attorney;
  2.       You have access to thousands of lawyers who may be competent in the practice area of your interest;
  3.       You gain access to the legal professionals instantly (within minutes);
  4.       You can track the progress of your case on the 100% automated application.


Sign up to AppearMe for Case Referrals

If you haven’t done so, we encourage you to sign up to AppearMe. With AppearMe you can post unlimited court appearance job offers and refer cases for free. This is an unprecedented offer in the market with lots of benefits for the users of the application. Sign up for free and make a change in your legal career! Any questions? Contact us!


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