Is a Job of a Local Court Reporter Right For You?

Do you remember the good old days when you were still at school and didn’t have to think about your future plans? Time really does fly and out of nowhere you are suddenly expected to choose a career! No wonder you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed! Yeah, choosing the right career path is a tough decision and a lot of people end up choosing the wrong career due to a lack of appropriate guidance and advice. You shouldn’t be one of them as this article will help you understand if a job as a court reporter is right for you! So, keep scrolling!


Let’s Figure Out What You Love!

Before you choose the right career, you must learn about yourself, your interests, skills, and aptitudes. If you like working with data and details more than with ideas, if you have a sincere interest in the legal industry and are willing to learn legal, medical and related technical terminology, a career in court reporting may be a great option for you.


Skills and Qualities You Need to Become a Successful Court Reporter!

The main job of a court reporter is to record what is said during legal proceedings. However, reporters must not only transcribe the speaker’s words but must do it correctly as errors or omissions can cause issues in the legal process. Simply put, court reporters may be silent participants, but they play an integral role in various legal proceedings, including, trials, depositions or arbitrations.

So, to be a successful court reporter you need to be extremely detail oriented and accurate. In addition, there are other personal qualities and skills that will greatly help you become a better court reporter! As a professional in court reporting you must:

  • Be able to work under courtroom pressure for long periods of time;
  • Be good at understanding accents and different ways of speaking in order to produce accurate records without having to repeatedly ask for clarification.
  • Show little emotion during legal proceedings and remain focused on the task, otherwise, couple of seconds of daydreaming will lead to loss of important details.
  • Be punctual, possess excellent organizational skills and be able to meet deadlines.

If you are confident and possess the qualities and skills described in the paragraph above, go for it!


A Job for Those Who Don’t Mind Sitting All Day! Are You One of Them?

Just like software developers, school bus drivers and accountants you will also spend most of your time sitting! Thus, if the idea of sitting all day in one position editing and proofreading transcripts is your biggest nightmare, you better get up, get active and choose another career!


Wrapping up…

A carrier in court reporting is a fantastic job for the right person! You can get a degree in court reporting in a relatively short time, earn six figures and always have a sense of job security! So, if this article has helped you understand that a career in court reporting is right for you, we highly recommend you start your freelance career as a court reporter with AppearMe, an awesome mobile(App Store or Google Play) and web app that allows to find a job in court reporting within minutes! Interesting, right? Then hurry up to register your AppearMe account and start your career of a court reporter within minutes. Learn more about AppearMe and our services by reading related articles in our website!


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