Lawyer’s 5-Hour Work Week

How many hours do lawyers work? And how many hours of these are billable and how many are unbillable hours? Some lawyers do work 40 and even 50 hours a week to make the income they seek. What if I say you can have a 5-hour work week? What’s more, you can work flexible hours and still make the income you will love.


AppearMe Makes a 5-Hour Work Week a Reality

Registered users of AppearMe work at hours they want and take as many work assignments they can handle. With multiple job offers in a week, they make an income that is no less than any lawyer makes. I am talking about the work as an appearance attorney who makes up to $150 when registering to the AppearMe portal.


Getting a Job as an Appearance Attorney can be Simpler than You Think

All you need to do is to sign up to an absolutely free portal called AppearMe. Once you do that and get verified (only attorneys with an active license and eligible to practice law according to State Bar Association get verified), you can receive multiple job offers in a day.

Currently, AppearMe is functional in Texas, Nevada, New York and California. Attorneys in those states can post and receive unlimited job offers. This is something no lawyer can underestimate.


Lawyer’s: Who is it For?

All attorneys can post appearance requests. They may do so because of an emergency or because they need some free time for personal matters.

Attorneys of record sign up to the portal because of various reasons. They may need to gain work experience that will serve good for their legal career. They may be retired and want to do work when needed or desired. Or, they just need extra hours of work in addition to their regular work.

Whatever the reason for signing up, you don’t lose anything. AppearMe is an asset, not a burden. You have no commitments whatsoever.

If you decide to sign up, please do so to get started today. You will be verified within a couple of hours. Otherwise, please contact the staff for more info.

One final note… unlike many other freelance services, you get paid instantly. 

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