7 Sure Signs you Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Is this what happened to you? First, you fell in love and couldn’t imagine your life without the second half. So, you decided to get married. Surely, at first glance everything was great and there were no problems to worry about. At last, a child was born. But instead, life got even better, it became worse. You started to quarrel often. Even the baby could not keep your relationship intact. So, you decided to divorce. Now you are searching for a custody lawyer and some extra info to get through before divorce. You hesitate: hire a custody lawyer or not? This is the right source you opened, as this article is going to tell you about the circumstances under which you should immediately find and consult a lawyer.


Significant Changes

Is either of you relocating, remarrying, or else? It may be a good decision to hire a lawyer to represent you.


Parenting Classes and Beyond

It may happen that the court entitles you to take some parenting and/or anger management classes, or even take a drug and/or alcohol treatment. Surely, these are not the best situations you wished to be in. In fact, if these procedures are not the part of child custody proceeding adopted by your state, you need to think about hiring a custody lawyer.


Your Former Spouse Prevents You to Visit the Child

He/she has decided to illegally limit your contact with the child. It even happens that he/she denies visits or cancels them at the last moment. If you face such behavior, an experienced custody lawyer is a must.


You Get a Notice About the Custody Hearing

Suddenly you receive a notice that you should appear in the court for a custody hearing. It is important to weigh the situation and the circumstances to understand whether you need a lawyer or not. However, consider that a skillful custody lawyer next to you will protect your rights properly and help you get a clear understanding of the legal process.


Diverse Jurisdictions

If you and your former husband/spouse happen to live in different states, you should take into consideration the custody law regulating in both states. To deal with the case alone is a hard task to take, as you can be stuck within the tangible rules and regulations of custody law.


Your Former Spouse has Got a Custody Lawyer

He/she has already hired a custody lawyer to take you to the courtroom more confidently and legally supported. Think about your own custody lawyer to protect you against the stream of counterclaims.


Strong Presentation at Court

In custody ”battle” you need a highly experienced custody lawyer to create a strong representation of your case before the judge. For example, his/her effective introduction of the case may convince the court that you have reasonable financial resources to raise the child.


California Law On Child Custody

In fact, it is impossible to state all rules and regulations regarding California child custody law. However, here are some statements from certain cases you should take a look:

”Child custody and visitation orders generally are modifiable throughout the child’s minority whenever the court finds a modification is “necessary or proper” in the child’s best interests. This is called the “best interest of the child” standard. Although the statutes governing custody adjudications only requires courts to ascertain the child’s best interest, the best interest standard has an added twist once a “final” judicial custody determination is in place: A party seeking to modify a “permanent” custody order can do so only upon a showing of a significant change of circumstances so affecting the child that modification is essential to the child’s welfare. 

Absent such a showing, any modification would be an abuse of discretion as denying the child the benefits of a stable home environment and thus would not be in his or her best interest. (Montenegro v. Diaz (2001) 26 Cal. 4th 249, 256; Marriage of LaMusga (2004) 32 Cal. 4th 1072, 1088.)”


Custody Lawyer: Must Have

The nature of your divorce does not matter: you would consult with a custody lawyer in any case. And you can make sure to find an attorney who is just right for you. Lawyers can be helpful in any stage of your case: starting from the claim filing process ending with custody hearing and beyond. In every ”fight” we need a good safeguard. This is your fight and a custody lawyer is that very safeguard you are looking for. To make your fight guaranteed, you just need to contact our reputable custody lawyers and be sure that the possibility of winning the case has increased a great deal.

By the way, try to remain an effective parent for your child at any stage of your divorce. First think about the child, then about yourself. Don’t ruin the childhood of that little creature. He/she deserves to feel the love of both parents, no matter what relations they have.


Find the Right Child Custody Lawyer to Handle Your Case

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