Family Law

7 Sure Signs you Need to hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Is this what happened to you? First, you fell in love and couldn’t imagine your life without second half. So, you decided to get married. […]


5 Things to know About Divorce Mediation Before Trying it

It is easier to make a decision to divorce than handle all the procedures. Are you facing such issues as the distribution of property (assets/liabilities), […]


10 Awesome Tips for Giving Evidence in the Family Law Court

You are standing in the witness box. Everyone is staring at you. Slowly you feel your heart chasing something that is far away. Your sweat […]


The Divorce Process: Do’s and Don’ts

Tears go down, nerves on ease, fairy tale of love has turned into a hell… you decide to end these tortures, you decide to divorce! […]

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