The Future of Hiring is Here

Law firms and solo attorneys face their own set of hiring problems. Finding and hiring legal professionals presents particularly unique challenges to them since the work of almost any legal professional is time-sensitive, requires error-free approaches, and involves crucial matters. In recent years, in order to solve hiring issues, law firms and solo attorneys have shifted towards legal process outsourcing and embracing evolving technologies. They eventually realized that contract attorneys and other legal freelancers not only help to get the job done but also LPO helps to grow their in-house capabilities, and increase flexibility. 

Nowadays, staying ahead of legal issues requires law firms to keep an eye on ever involving technology. In other words, using technology in the hiring process is a great way to speed things up, minimize costs, and find legal professionals who match all your requirements. 

If you’re looking to hire a freelance attorney for almost any kind of legal job, you can probably find the right professional here: starting is as simple as signing up and submitting a job request.


Future of Hiring: Hire a Legal Professional within 60 Seconds

AppearMe is an unprecedented legal tool, a real-time and on-demand web and mobile application that enables law firms and solo attorneys to submit and accept appearance and deposition requests, various freelance tasks, as well as book interpreters(in more than 40 languages) and court reporters within 60 seconds. 

The AppearMe case referral service allows you to refer the entire case free of charge, screen profiles of 5 or more attorneys and find the one who best suits you.

AppearMe has a large network of attorneys and legal professionals who use the application on a daily basis to find local and skilled appearance attorneys or other legal professionals now nationwide. 

Once you submit your job request, all legal professionals registered in our network will get emails and push notifications on their mobile devices and will respond to it within 60 seconds. The first attorney who commits to your job offer gets it. Once an attorney accepts your offer, you can communicate through the messaging feature on our application or traditional methods of email or phone. 

AppearMe has developed an advanced algorithm that chooses attorneys based on their rating, location, and preferences. This basically means that the chances of the hiring attorney are very high to get matched with an attorney who meets all the requirements.


What Else Does AppearMe Offer?

  • Free web and mobile application,
  • It takes only 2-3 minutes to sign up and submit a request, and 60 seconds for a legal professional to accept your offer,
  • Automated invoicing and billing system,
  • The attorneys of record always see the minimum price for each assignment when submitting a request and they can offer a higher price for the request when they need to schedule a legal professional as soon as possible,
  • The hiring attorney can text a lawyer directly from the application,
  • The application allows you to find an appearance attorney even 10 minutes before your hearing,
  • Attorneys of record only get charged after the appearance or task is completed,
  • You don’t need to spend time to find court addresses and department phone numbers. The AppearMe application provides you with all the necessary information,
  • It allows you to sync your appearance dates with your Google, iCal, Outlook, and Yahoo calendars,
  • All legal professionals must pass the verification process before joining our network.


Create Your Account Now!

We encourage you to download our FREE application on your mobile phone from the App Store or Google Play to sign up or just visit our website to create an account. After signing up, you will be able to enjoy all the outstanding features that AppearMe offers you!