How Much Money Can You Earn on Court Appearances with AppearMe?

AppearMe has been in the market for several years. Since its launch, thousands of attorneys have registered to this app. Not only is it convenient but also it lets attorneys make more profit covering more billable hours both as an attorney of record and as an appearance attorney. This is the reason that attorneys love this app. It makes their work easy while bringing more bucks into their pockets. Let us use simple calculation on how much money you can earn on court appearances using AppearMe.


How Much Money Can an Attorney of Record Make with AppearMe?

Lawyers bill per hour in the legal industry. This means that they charge an amount proportionate to the time spent on a case. In general, hourly rates vary between $150 to $500 per hour.

Suppose an average lawyer gets $150. He has a client that will bring him 3 hours of work. But he has a conflicting court date. He has to appear to a court hearing. What will a smart lawyer do? Of course, he will not choose court appearance and will assign the task to another attorney paying $75 while billing the client for 3 hours of work at the rate of $150 per hour. This means that an average lawyer will make $375 ($450-$75) for 3 hours of practice working with the client while the lawyer who will appear to court hearing will make only $75 for the court appearance.


How Much Money Can an Appearance Attorney Make with AppearMe?

Now let’s look at the side of the appearance attorney. Suppose you have gaps in your work schedule. This means that you will make $0 for that hour. When you get a request on AppearMe, you can take the assignment and earn a minimum of $75 per appearance. Depositions are charged higher with AppearMe. If you take 2 to 3 appearances per day, you can earn a minimum of $225. If you combine this income with the regular work you do, your daily profit will make up something around $500.

These figures are relative as lawyers charge different amounts for different types of work. We suggest here minimum figures that you can opt for if you become a user of AppearMe.

Take into account that you can be both an attorney of record and an appearance attorney when you are a user of the portal.


Sign Up to This Legal App for Court Appearances

We hope our simple calculations help you decide to sign up to this most useful app which is absolutely free to register. You can use it only when needed or desired.’

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