Fast and Easy Way to Find a Per Diem Attorney in New York

There are a number of ways to find a per diem attorney in New York, such as certified lawyer referral services or your local bar association, legal aid agencies, certified legal specialist directories and more. But now I am going to tell you a way that is easier of all. Why is it easier? Because it comprises an automated system of hiring a per diem attorney in New York.


Automation – a Solution to Finding a Per Diem Attorney in New York

What if I say you can find a per diem service in New York in less than a minute through a 100% automated app? You probably will think that it’s not going to work. You are wrong! Thousands of lawyers are already loyal users of AppearMe, a real-time on-demand web and mobile app that is operating in New York, in addition to Texas, Nevada, and California.

The trick is simple. A portal is a place of thousands of registered attorneys. When someone needs a per diem services, he or she posts an announcement and the first attorney claiming for the service covers the appearance.


How Do I Become a Registered User?

You need to sign up with two easy steps. Signing up is absolutely free. You don’t pay any service cost or any other hidden cost. We charge a small processing fee in addition to an attorney fee. You pay per match, i.e., you pay only when you make an offer.

Once you sign up and get verified (which will take a couple of hours), you can post and accept unlimited per diem service offers.


What if I Want to Cancel My Request?

Attorneys are strongly encouraged not to cancel their requests once they post an announcement. You put the attorney who has committed to the job request in an uncomfortable situation as he or she may have planned for that. But if in any case you need to cancel, you can do so but not later than 24 hours before the announce per diem service time.


I Still Have Questions, Where Can I get Answers to My Questions?

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact our 24/7 Customer Support heroes at [email protected] or at (818) 744-3505 phone number. Our staff will gladly explain to you our procedures.

Otherwise, you can sign up today and get started!

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