Deposition Attorneys Benefit From This Automated App

AppearMe is gaining popularity among deposition attorneys. A lot of deposition lawyers use this automated app to locate job offers and find the right attorney for their deposition needs. Here is how you can benefit from AppearMe.


Networking of Thousands of Attorneys

AppearMe is a portal where thousands of attorneys are registered. They post and receive deposition jobs on a daily basis.

When you join the system, you instantly gain access to hundreds of deposition job offers. Attorneys post deposition offers on a daily basis, and you get a push notification and an email that notifies you of a new offer. You need to accept the offer and be the deposition attorney for the particular offer. The attorney who reacts the first will be the attorney for that assignment.


Locating Deposition Attorneys in Texas, Nevada, New York and California

Currently, AppearMe operates in Texas, Nevada, New York and California. Locating a deposition attorney in those states is done through an automatic portal with little manual interference. Attorneys of record create appearances by filling in 3-4 fields, including case type and number, court information as well as appearance date and time. The whole process of creating an appearance takes 2-3 minutes.

Once the appearance is created and posted, thousands of attorneys receive push notifications and emails. The offers are taken immediately. The average time of committing to the job offer is 60 seconds.


Automated  Requests, Reporting and Invoicing

AppearMe is a 100 automated app. The whole process from requests to reporting to invoicing is done automatically.

Attorneys need to spend up to 180 seconds to create an appearance. Once it’s done, it’s done. The deposition attorneys are notified, and the committal takes less than a minute.

Attorneys are paid instantly when they submit the deposition report. Once they click on “Report and Submit” button, the amount is deposited in their account which will be there within 1 hour (after the processing bank completes the transaction).

We are talking about a 5-minute deal. It takes 2 minutes to sign up, 2 minutes to submit your deposition info and another 60 seconds to find the attorney you need (note that AppearMe needs up to 24 hours to verify your account). Once your account is verified you can post and accept unlimited job offers.

You can find a deposition attorney elsewhere in the market and that is absolutely true. But you can hardly find the fast turnaround and automatic processing elsewhere at such a competitive price.

If you have questions, our 24/7 Customer Support heroes are ready to answer all your inquiries. Please contact us at [email protected] or (818) 744-3505.

P.S. AppearMe has a database of California immigration courts which is available for all users of AppearMe once they get registered. This is an exclusive offer for all users of AppearMe to make their job easier.

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