7 Reasons Why You Should Search for a Deposition Attorney Through AppearMe

Today the legal industry has witnessed a major shift in work relations. Lawyers are contracted in almost all practice areas of law. Contract attorneys are becoming more and more popular as law firms avoid high-cost commitment to full-time employees. Deposition attorneys are not an exception. Law firms and solo practitioners contract out deposition work. The question for them is how to find a deposition attorney so that it won’t be difficult and won’t cause a lot of troubles and worries. In today’s article, I am going to tell you why you should search for a deposition attorney through AppearMe – one of the most advanced applications of attorney-to-attorney connections in the legal market.

1. Fast Committal

Perhaps one of the primary reasons to choose AppearMe is the fast committal – I mean super fast. Instead of spending hours or even days on locating a deposition lawyer with agencies that may charge you an additional service fee, attorneys use the application to post job offers for free. The time from the moment you post an offer to the time when another lawyer commits to the offer is not more than 1-2 minutes.

2. Easy Request Making

Lawyers don’t spend more than 2 minutes of their time to post a request. They fill in simple information and send the request. Once they do that, the offer goes to thousands of legal practitioners — an exceptional opportunity to connect with lawyers that are interested in freelance work.

3. Multiple Practice Areas

Attorneys registered with AppearMe are competent in various practice areas, including family law, administrative law, immigration, bankruptcy, civil, criminal and more. They provide deposition and other court appearance services at a reasonable market price.

4. Deposition Attorney: Wide Coverage

AppearMe operates in California, New York, Nevada, Texas, and New Jersey. An attorney can post and accept job offers in all five states. But the beauty of the application is that your announcement goes to attorneys in specific locations so that they don’t need to travel a long way to the courthouse or a deposition session room.

5. Multiple Services

AppearMe is a portal not only for deposition work. Users of the application find and accept job offers in other types of court appearances, case referral services and find court reporters. By becoming a user, you become capable of using all the services of the application.

6. Bonus Tip

You can earn money just by referring to your attorney friends. When you sign up, you will see a button ”refer to a friend”. All you need to do is enter information about an attorney friend, and once he/she registers, you will get $10. You can invite as many attorney friends as you like.

7. Free Registration

Finally, you pay nothing to enjoy the benefits of the portal. It’s free to register. We charge no fee for signing up. Attorneys pay only when another attorney accepts their job offer.


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