A Web and Mobile App that Can Change Your Legal Career

The legal career has markedly transformed over the recent years. Globalization and legal tech open new challenges with new opportunities for legal professionals. The legal career which was predictable and stable just a couple of years ago is witnessing shifts in the industry. It is almost impossible not to incorporate the new tech into the lawyer’s job today. A lot of legal startups have disrupted the working space challenging the conservative legal market.

AppearMe is one of those startups that have revolutionized the way legal business is done. You don’t need to apply to friends and agencies anymore for finding an appearance attorney. The automated application will help you find the lawyer you need in less than a minute. It is incredible how much time and nerves you can save just by a single touch of the screen. One little step that will transform your career for the good is worth thousands of useless unbillable hours. Just think about that….


Find an Appearance Attorney in Less than a Minute – It’s Possible

AppearMe collaborates with attorneys who want to find court coverage and those who want to find a job as an appearance attorney. It incorporates a real-time on-demand app that links those seeking court coverage and those seeking appearance attorney jobs.

The application will guide you through simple steps from signing up to invoicing to payment. Once you are registered, you can post an announcement and thousands of lawyers will receive alerts on their mobiles and emails.

If you are not busy and you want to claim for the appearance, a single tap can get you the job. Be the first to make that click, and you will cover the hearing.


Legal Career: One Tap and the Job is Yours

Those who want to take up appearance attorney jobs need to register in the system. Signing up takes 2 minutes with simple fields to fill in like your name, state, state bar number. Once you sign up, we will verify your profile through state bar association website. If you are an attorney with an active license and eligible to practice law according to state bar association, you will get into the system and have the chance to receive multiple job offers in a day.

The AppearMe App will help you earn smarter with real-time information. You don’t need to wait for an agency to locate you a court appearance job anymore. You can get the job with a simple tap.

AppearMe supports all attorneys like a partner. It is a platform for attorneys to find each other. Be the one to take advantage of the seamless app that has helped thousands in their legal needs.

Sign up today and don’t let the technology pass by!

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