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New Jersey Lawyer Referral Service

All lawyers like to have many cases on the calendar. It brings the money in. But sometimes a lawyer takes on too many cases. If […]


How to Avoid Frequent Interruptions by Court Reporters

Interruption by court reporters might be familiar to you. There is nothing more frustrating than being frequently interrupted by a court reporter when you think […]


What to Do 5 Minutes Before a Court Appearance You Cannot Attend?

Imagine a situation when you have 5 minutes before your hearing and you are stuck in a traffic jam. You might think that the only […]


5 Greatest Benefits of AppearMe You Didn’t Know About

Let’s face it: There are apps for everything these days. 2 million apps are available in the Apple’s App store and 2.6 million on Google […]


How Much Money Can You Earn on Court Appearances with AppearMe?

AppearMe has been in the market for several years. Since its launch, thousands of attorneys have registered to this app. Not only is it convenient […]


5 Facts You Should Know About Attorney on Demand Service

All lawyers face situations when they need to use an attorney on demand service. They do that because these legal professionals cover appearances they cannot […]


The Proven Way to Find an Appearance Attorney in Less Than a Minute

If you’re reading this article you are probably tired of wasting your valuable time on finding the right appearance attorney and are thinking about getting […]


Court Reporters Do More than Court Testimony

“What do you do?” “I’m a court reporter!” “What’s that?” “Do you know the person who sits in front of the judge in the courtroom […]


Reliable Legal Platform for Court Appearance Lawyers

Is your to-do list almost always larger than you can handle? Do you often find yourself stressed out and overworked? Hmm! Why not get help? […]


New York Lawyer Referral Service

If you are a lawyer in New York, you may have the need to refer a case to another attorney. This is a very common […]

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