I Want to Refer a Case to Another Attorney – AppearMe Can Help!

You may face the issue “where to find an attorney” when you want to refer a case. You are on the right page! Now you can refer a case without undue complications and in a short time using the web and mobile application AppearMe. You can use the app instead of a case referral service. Let me detail more about this app. Before I proceed, let me just mention simple facts.

  • you can find an attorney in 2-3 minutes
  • you can browse profiles of 5 more attorneys
  • you don’t pay the processing agency
  • sign up is free
  • operating in 10 states.

Move on with the article and find out more about AppearMe and you will find the most convenient replacement for a lawyer referral service!


It Takes Minutes to Find an Attorney! Case Referral Service Easy as Never Before!

You may have gone through complicated procedures with lawyer referral services and may have paid agencies without even making the final arrangement. What if I say you can find an attorney without these undue complications and more importantly in 2-3 minutes?

AppearMe is a huge portal of attorneys where lawyers are registered in the states of Nevada, Texas, California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Florida, Washington, Arizona, Oregon. By huge I mean thousands. This means that when you post an announcement, it goes to thousands of lawyers registered as users. You can scroll and search the profiles of 5 and more attorneys.

So if you are in search of Florida lawyer referral service, New York case referral service or an attorney referral service in any of the mentioned states, have this one app for all cases!


All Arrangements are Between Two Attorneys

When you find a lawyer you need, you can communicate with him/her via the system or by email/phone. All arrangements are made between the parties of referral. We only require that all fees must be honored and paid in accordance to state’s bar rules and regulations.


Do More Than Case Referrals

When you become a user of AppearMe (by the way, absolutely free), you can also post/accept court appearance jobs, deposition jobs and find a court reporter. A super revolutionary tool for an attorney! The owners of the portal are attorneys themselves and know that value of time for a busy lawyer. The app is designed specifically to save the time of attorneys.

So, if you want to gain use of all these benefits, including case referrals, finding a court reporter, an appearance attorney, a deposition attorney and working as one, go ahead sign up to this most useful portal and be a member of a big attorney team! For more questions, please call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected].

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