AppearMe Delivers Talent for Your Law Firm

It’s not a secret that law firms and attorneys need access to external talent. You are not an expert in all practice areas and it’s normal to turn to freelancers. We want to introduce an application that is designed specifically for that purpose. You can find court coverage attorneys, deposition attorneys and freelance attorneys for various tasks in just a minute. Yes, yes, 60 seconds is enough for an attorney to commit to your request. Want to know more? Read this article from the beginning to the end and you will soon join one of the handiest applications for busy lawyers.


Law Firm: What is the AppearMe App For?

In short, AppearMe is for finding a freelance lawyer or working as one. You can communicate with the attorney via the platform and see if the freelancer is a good fit. Once you select the attorney, you can sit back and the attorney will get back to you by the deadline. In case of legal freelancing, you pay only if you’re satisfied, In case of appearance jobs, the attorney gets paid once he or she submits a brief report.


Why Choose AppearMe for External Talent for Your Law Firm?

First, AppearMe is a huge platform. You can find attorneys in various practice areas, including bankruptcy, family law, administrative law, foreclosure and more. Normally attorneys specify their areas of interest and accept assignments in their preferred practice areas. So, expect to hire an attorney in various practice areas.

Second, you spend literally minutes on the hiring process (2-3 minutes on request making and another 60 seconds on committal). This saves a lot of time and hassle for attorneys. After all, why spoil nerves waiting hours for an attorney to get back to you when you can do the whole job in minutes?

Finally, you gain access to all AppearMe services at no signup cost to you. The registration is totally free. Basically, you don’t spend a single penny for having an app that you can use whenever you need or want.


How Do I Sign Up?

Simply download the app from App Store or Google Play or head to to open an account. Once we get your info, we will check the provided information. We take care that only attorneys with an active license and eligible to practice law according to state bar rules get into the system. We also check that you don’t have any disciplinary actions against you.

If you meet these requirements, welcome to AppearMe! Post requests or accept offers on a daily basis or whenever you need!


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