Law Firms Should Embrace Freelance Attorneys!

Not so long ago, professional communities and companies thought that freelancers are not reliable workers since they often cannot meet the deadline or can complete an assignment reluctantly and without paying attention to details. Nevertheless, according to many surveys conducted over the past several years, freelancing continues to grow at its current rate, and soon freelancers will become the U.S. workforce majority. As stated by the “Freelancing in America” study finds, about 50% of millennial workers are now involved in freelancing. Moreover, predictions say that freelancing will conquer 50% of the whole workforce by 2027.

Although law firms often remain still to the rapidly changing landscape, they need to adapt to a new situation, embrace the opportunities, and change with the times. The innovative and far-sighted law firms and attorneys understand that technology makes legal services more empowering and efficient, and sooner or later, new labor standards (like freelancing) will impact employees of the legal sector as well. 

The freelancers can pick and choose a job they want to tackle and are not bound to any particular client or a law firm. They are inspired by the satisfaction of legal practice while being away from the structured and still environment. 


Find Freelance Attorneys and Freelance Legal Jobs on AppearMe

Technology plays a huge role when a law firm considers to shift towards a freelance workforce model. AppearMe has always been driven by technology and is all about innovation and efficiency. We feel contract attorneys spirit and understand the industry needs. That’s why we have launched our new service for freelance attorneys to empower the legal industry by helping them to hire and get hired in a more time-saving and convenient way. Sign up to AppearMe and hire a freelance attorney or find freelance attorney jobs. The hiring attorney will receive 5 attorneys profile who applied for a job in order to review and select the one who fits the requirements.

Since we believe that the quality of work is highly important, and we care about or client satisfaction, the hiring attorneys only pay when they are satisfied. As for freelance attorneys, they get paid right after task compilation. 

The AppearMe application is free! Download it from the App Store and Google Play, or just visit our website. By opening a single account, you can both post assignments and find reliable freelancers for any legal job.  

We believe that law firms can have huge benefits from adopting freelance methods of working; cost-cutting, time-saving, innovation, less paperwork, just to name a few. The skilled freelancers will not only save your time but also boost your company growth. Don’t forget that freelancing could be the future of the legal world, learn to adapt to changes, and even take advantage of it.