5 Tips to Make Legal Freelancing a Source of Steady Income for Attorneys on Demand

Thinking about legal freelancing? A lot of attorneys on demand have taken this path for a good reason. They do work on their own terms and are their own bosses. This may seem tempting, but legal freelancing comes with a certain level of uncertainty. In fact, you may overcome the uncertainty as a freelance attorney on demand if you properly market yourself and connect to law-related portals. Here are some tips on how to make freelancing a source of steady income if you want to work as an attorney on demand.


Look for Sources with Stable Job Offers for Attorneys on Demand

Getting clients is the number one issue for freelance professionals. Aggressively contact all law firms and startups that offer jobs for attorneys on demand. A simple google search can get you there.

Before you try to contact them, try to find out how stable the workflow is. You might ask the staff about the availability or read reviews.

Once you are clear which agencies most suit you, register with these companies and become part of their network.


Market Yourself as an Attorney on Demand

Legal freelancing is specific in the sense that you must market yourself on your own. No one is going to contact you unless you make others know about yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive. A simple business card may solve a lot of issues. Having a website will add up to your professional value and will largely increase your client base.


Get on Social Networks to Promote your Legal Freelancing

Your existing networks can be a good start. Most freelance lawyers target other legal professionals. You need to set up LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and get connected with other legal professionals, your former colleagues, and classmates. They need to know what you are doing. All legal practitioners need an attorney on demand from time to time, and you never know when someone will approach you.


Search for Sources with Referral Services

Getting a referral is a piece of cake for legal professionals. Search for referral opportunities as this may bring you jobs that you never even thought about. When doing a referral assignment, keep to excellence as the same lawyer may contact you again in case you do decent work.


Sign up to AppearMe

Finally, I am going to tell you about a startup that can ensure you both a lot of job offers and referrals. AppearMe has revolutionized the way lawyers on demand are hired. The lawyers get hired through an automated mobile and web application. Once you sign up and AppearMe team verifies your profile, you will get dozens of job opportunities in a day. Thousands of lawyers are already users of AppearMe in 13 states.

This is how it works. A law practitioner posts an appearance or legal freelancing announcement and all professionals registered with the portal in a specific location get emails and push notifications. The first attorney who claims for the job covers the appearance. In case of legal freelancing, the hiring attorney chooses among 5 responding freelance lawyers and selects the best fit for his/her case.

Don’t miss your chance of leveraging your freelance business! Sign up to AppearMe and start receiving job offers!

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