AppearMe Now Connects Freelance Attorneys and Law Firms

Helping Attorneys Skyrocket Their Revenue with Zero Unnecessary Overhead

The fastest growing legal tech startup and the largest real time network of attorneys launches its freelance attorney matching module. Successful lawyers and law firms have been using AppearMe for almost 2 years to drive down their litigation costs and increase their revenue. Now, thanks to the freelance attorney module it is even easier to manage a team of attorneys without having to pay for overhead and salaries during slow times.

The freelance module lets attorneys outsource virtually any legal work, such as research memos, contract drafting and e-discoveries, to outside counsel. Having access to thousands of licensed attorneys in each state makes the process fast and efficient. Via AppearMe, an attorney with legal work overflow spends 1-2 minutes to submit a request and receives real time offers from at least 5 attorneys within 60 seconds of submittal of a request. The attorney then picks the one most qualified to complete the legal assignment. Payments are made via the app and there is no billing or collection lag.

About AppearMe

AppearMe is a Berkeley SkyDeck accelerator startup which got its fame from being the first legal tech app which allows litigators to find appearance counsel in under 60 seconds. Litigators can also find court reporters, certified interpreters and deposition attorneys.

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