The Top 5 Legal Tech Startups that are Reshaping the Legal Industry

Over the past few years, legal technology has created amazing tools and resources that have revolutionized the modern workplace. Yes, the legal sector has started to keep up with the evolution of technology. Nowadays, it is impossible for law firms and attorneys to work without the help of technologies that make legal processes faster, more productive and more efficient. The legal tech progress has grown rapidly, and this advancement makes business processes more integrated, helps to reduce operating costs and to facilitate interaction with the global market. Below are some of the most significant and revolutionary legal tech startups that have reshaped the legal industry, empowered by AI, machine learning, automatization, and data.



Evisort is an automation & AI-powered cloud-based contract management company that developed artificial intelligence algorithms to help companies mine contracts for data. Evisort’s algorithm understands meaning and context in legal language that virtually eliminates the need to read contracts. It enables companies to organize, understand, and extract data from their contracts. Thanks to Evisort, the information in documents becomes searchable. 



Farillio is an online legal solutions platform that solves your everyday legal needs by ending the struggle of finding key-information and materials needed to thrive as a business. Farillio enables you to learn, create, collaborate, share, edit, and duplicate your materials securely, and manage them from any device from your account’s dashboard.



AppearMe is a real-time and on-demand mobile and web application that revolutionizes the legal practice by enabling law firm and solo attorneys to find appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, freelance attorneys, interpreters, and court reporters within 60 seconds. By using the same AppearMe account, legal professionals can submit and accept legal jobs and refer entire cases without charge in almost every state. 



Luminance is an AI & machine learning-empowered document analysis software that enables legal professionals to dig deeper into their data by providing instant insights and clarity across their contracts. Luminance’s pattern-recognition technology reads, understands, and learns from the interaction between lawyers and documents. It provides an immediate and global overview of any company and highlights warning signs that may have been missed during a manual review.



Onit provides legal management solutions by transforming the way legal departments drive operational and process improvements. It helps to simplify business process automation and improve business productivity across by helping to drive efficiency, accelerate transaction velocity, and reduce costs. Onit’s App Builder platform combines business process management, project management, and information management into one tool.