5 Characteristics of a Great Court Reporter

Court reporting is an important part of many legal processes. Being a great court reporter requires having specific skills and a particular personality who possesses certain experiences, such as writing a solid and accurate real-time report of depositions, trials, prosecutions, etc. Although finding a trustworthy certified court reporter can be challenging, some vital characteristics can help you find a great court reporter. 

Here is the list of five characteristics that a great court reporter should have.

Respecting Protocol

Court reporters are considered a valuable part of the legal proceedings not only because of the creation of a transcript but also the sense of awareness that creates their presence. Whether it is depositions or court cases, every person involved becomes more conscious of the fact that their spoken words are official evidence for everyone to read, examine, and to assess. Court reporters must remain calm and respectful and refrain from speaking unless otherwise instructed. They should be familiar with good manners and court protocol. The great court reporters are prepared to stick to the ethical and confidentiality rules & regulations, and they always dress appropriately.


Court reporters must remain neutral and professional in stressful situations. Even though it is hard to be emotionally stable when you report dialogues about tragic murders or abuse cases, but a great court reporter understands how important it is to record that information with precision accuracy and maintain a strictly impartial attitude. 

Accuracy and Speed

Accuracy, along with pace, is one of the most important characteristics of a great court reporter who knows the roles of grammar, punctuation, and is good at proofreading. In other words, a great court reporter can simultaneously listen, record, and keep up with the speed while maintaining accurate recordings. 


A great court reporter should have the ability to balance various tasks and different cases while meeting all the tight deadlines. They must always arrive on time for court hearings and meetings by maintaining a professional demeanor. Without excellent time management skills, it is almost impossible to accomplish these tasks. 

Attention to Details

Having a keen eye for details and being thorough and accurate with the work you do is important not only for court reporters but other legal professionals as well. Court reporters must pay attention to every spoken word to record it precisely in detail and without mistakes. A great court reporter understands that his or her mistake could cause someone trouble and inconveniences. That’s why we encourage you to ask for spellings of some names, cities, or streets mentioned in a legal proceeding if you doubt their spelling.