Special Appearance Attorney: Find Coverage for Your Court Appearance

Special appearance attorneys can be your saviors at times of emergencies or when your schedule is too tight. Lawyers know what it means to have a tight schedule, and a helping hand is just what they need when things get out of control. We are here to offer you an easy, fast and efficient method of finding coverage for your court appearances. The whole process takes a couple of minutes and is fully automatic.

You don’t need to wait hours and even days for agencies to find an appearance attorney for you. The system has thousands of attorneys registered who wait for your appearance requests.


Special Appearance App: Finding Coverage for Your Court Appearance Through an Automated Process

AppearMe offers an automated process of finding an appearance attorney. It will take you 2-3 minutes to upload your appearance info. Another attorney may commit to making the appearance at a record time of 60 seconds!

This is an invaluable asset at the times of emergencies or when you have to meet tight deadlines. Special appearance attorneys can save you from trouble and give you more time to do things of the essence.


How Does the Process Work?

You need to sign up to AppearMe and create an account. The system will guide you through simple steps to post your appearance request. Once you post the appearance request, the system will notify thousands of registered lawyers about your appearance. You will be matched with an appearance attorney who will take care of your appearance. Now you can move on with your day and wait for the results.

After the appearance attorney covers your request, he or she will submit a report. The moment the appearance attorney submits the report, the system will make automatic payment so you don’t have to worry about paying your attorney.


What to Expect When You Start Using AppearMe?

First, expect to grow your legal practice. You will have more time to take up more job assignments and make more money. This is clear like A B C. You will have more time to take up more jobs and make more money while smaller issues like handing in a missing document or rescheduling court hearing will be handled by an appearance attorney.

Second, AppearMe will help you balance your work and your personal life. You will have more time to spend with your family and friends. Seems trivial? In the long run, your relationships will matter to you a lot more than the legal practice. As John Timpson says, “Family is more important than the family business”.

Finally, you will be less stressed. As lawyers, we understand what it means to have tight schedules and miss the deadlines. You can solve tons of problems with a simple push of the button.

AppearMe is a solution to a lot of problems that we have encountered ourselves as lawyers. We know the value of time for lawyers, and we give you the freedom to choose between the old methods of doing things and a new way that can open new chances for you. The choice is yours!


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