40 Social Media Accounts Lawyers Should Follow

Need some inspiration for your social media marketing outreach? We searched far and wide and have come up with 40 social media accounts that lawyers should follow. Follow these influencers to make the best use of social media.


10 Best Instagram Accounts



This page is an excellent source of opportunities for attorneys. With 3,726 followers, AppearMe outstands among many law companies. Follow this page if you want to boost your outreach.



DLA Piper’s account is an excellent example of promoting your firm’s workplace culture. You can find anything from pasta-making at Eataly to employees attending a baseball game. A perfect example of how to showcase your company culture!



LawLancer certainly shakes the market when it comes to nailing your branding on Insta. You’ll get fascinated by the colors, consistency, and design. LawLancer is good both at the pictures and the captioning. You’ll see a lot to be inspired by.



Another good page for showcasing your bio and expertise. You just can’t help stopping a moment and looking at the post and the caption. The Lion Zone can inspire you for many great ideas.



Founded by an immigration attorney, Taymoor Pilehvar, these posts are about what the attorney does for and with clients. As a solo attorney, Taymoors definitely targets the ideal clientele.



This account belongs to Amy Dunn, Texas Personal Injury Attorney. Her account stands by with excellent testimonials. She makes great use of saved stories and showcases personality. She highlights her specialty areas and has contact information. Very good window to potential clients.



You can find lots of great but sporadic legal tips here. You may see from minor celebrities to fellow lawyers among his followers (3,882 in number). A great stage for potential clients.



The account belongs to Nazarian Law Firm, a California Personal Injury Law Firm. Engaging posts that relate to their practice area. You can see their expertise right away – a smart move for potential clients.



If you like a bit of fun instead of being damn serious, this is the page for you! It’s also a great example of someone doing something differently to grow their brand.



You will enjoy reading the posts as they are engaging and beautiful. This page stands out with its stylistic design and good teamwork. 


10 Best Facebook Accounts



Avvo was founded in Seattle, Washington by a tech-savvy lawyer Mark Britton to make legal work easier and help people find a lawyer. You can find lots of information on lawyers and legal issues.



An awesome site for freelance work for lawyers. You can find anything from engaging videos to useful tips on how to find a freelance attorney or work as one.


DLA Piper

DLA Piper has a global outreach with lawyers located in more than 40 countries throughout America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. You may get information on scholarships, leadership, and legal education.


Baker McKenzie

With 14,428 followers, the page has the widest audience outreach. It also has the most number of likes per post on average. In addition to great imagery, the firm showcases the partners, associates, and assistants. Lots of content that depicts their values and practice areas.


Best Lawyers

Best Lawyers is the only purely peer review™ guide to the legal profession. You can get info on highly respected attorneys throughout the world.


Legal Talk Network

Here you can see content curated for lawyers. It has over 20 active podcasts. It’s quite an interesting site for any lawyer.


Sidley Austin

The page has fewer followers (3,029) but gives its content a new twist with highlights of partners and associates. It has also a global denomination showing how their actions have an impact around the globe. The descriptions are quite eye-catching though photographs are very simple in nature.


The Sam Bernstein Law Firm

This law firm is doing something right attracting 35K likes. There are some lessons to learn from The Sam Bernstein Law Firm. They post to Facebook regularly, at least several times a week and they have a clear call-to-action which is very easy to find. They also respond to comments on the Facebook page in a timely and helpful manner.


Latham and Watkins

With 9,546 followers, the firm once again proves that their tactics are working. They do a great job at humanizing their law firms with images and engaging videos.

White and Case

Again a great source of inspiration and knowledge on how you should really act on social media. This firm has its YouTube account linked to Facebook which is a great way not only to attract followers but to build the audience for the YouTube channel as well.


10 Best Twitter Accounts



You’ll see tweets every couple of hours showcasing the company culture and expertise. This is an example of an active account that will attract followers with engaging headers and profile pictures.



If you ever thought of freelance attorney work, this is a perfect page to follow. The company reaches 13 states across the US. If you need to outsource your legal work, think about following this page.


The Blumenreich Law Firm

This is a perfect example of a customer-oriented page. The company follows the 80/20 rule of social media where 80% should be information that customers may be interested in and only 20% should be sales. You will get questions answered, retweeting links and anything that may interest the customer.


ABA Bar Services

You’ll get legal questions answered where the expertise is showcased in a valuable manner. It’s a very informative page to follow.


The American Lawyer

If you want to follow the news in the legal industry, this is the page to go. With 70.4 K followers, the page is a must-account for all lawyers.



Clio is cloud-based legal technology that helps lawyers deliver client-centered experiences. You can find events, news in the legal industry. Follow this page if you want to keep up with the latest developments.


Legal Tweets

Legal tips, links to articles and anything that may interest a lawyer. Matched with entertaining videos, the page is a useful aid for lawyers.


Legal Tech News

If you want to keep up with technological developments in the legal industry, this is the page to follow.


Law Made

The page posts information on the latest conferences, forums as well as is a good source for outreaching.


Crispo Video Group

Crispo Video Group is a national video marketing company. This is where you can get videos that clients like and customers share.


10 Best LinkedIn Accounts



Want to have access to tons of freelance work? This is the page to go! You can get lots of information on career opportunities and more.


Morgan Lewis

The firm is posting on LinkedIn at least three times a day. Most of the content is non-promotional. It also successfully utilizes hashtags on LinkedIn.


Best Lawyers

Lots of tips, publications, announcements. Get updated about the latest developments in the field.


Jones Day

The firm stands out with its video series, partner speeches and a lot of informative content on legal issues.


Attorney at Work

You can gain access to expert advice and a lot of content for law practice improvement.



Clio is the undisputed leader in cloud-based legal technology offering practice management, CRM and client intake software.


Leadership for Lawyers

A great page to promote your legal business. Lots of opportunities if you can grab one.


Law Student Career Network

This is a  must-have page for law students and recent graduates. You can get information about interviews, career tips and lots of content on legal issues.


Your Local Bar Association

You should be a member of your local bar association social networks and this goes well about the LinkedIn page. You’ll be updated on recent development and have a grasp of lots of opportunities.


American Bar Association

If you are a solo attorney or a small law firm and want to keep up with what’s going on in the industry, the LinkedIn page of the American Bar Association is a must for you as this will boost your business activity.

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