Join a Network of Court Appearance Attorneys in Salem

You just got an invitation to join a network of court appearance attorneys in Salem. Why would you do that? The answer is simple. No lawyer can work in solitude. You do need extra help when things get out of control. Busy with drafting a complaint and no time to appear to court? The network will be handy, for sure. But how to choose the right network so that you don’t waste time and more importantly nerves. Here is an answer to that question.

Court Appearance Attorneys: Choose Automation

In this digital age, almost all tasks are automated. I know one app where everything from billing to invoicing to request making and committal is done through automation. The app is called AppearMe. It takes a couple of minutes to post a request and another 60 seconds for an attorney to get back to you. The app has become a favorite tool for many attorneys who post and accept job offers using the same profile.

Choose an Established Network

AppearMe has entered the market in 2016 and since then it has attracted thousands of users in 10 states (California, New York, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Arizona). We are at the stage of expansion and will cover Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Massachusetts soon.

If you decide to join this network, here is how to do that.

Join AppearMe – the Fastest Network of Court Appearance Attorneys in Salem

Simply download the app from App Store or Google Play or head to to open an account. This legal application is absolutely free. You pay as you go which means you pay per assignment.

If you are one of the busy lawyers who need help in emergencies or if you want to take on court appearance assignments, deposition assignments or any other freelance legal job like drafting a complaint, a lawsuit, researching and more, it makes sense to sign up without commitments. 

Ready for a new way of doing legal business? Just sign up FREE and receive job offers or post assignments as the need comes. We promise you the Devil’s magic in Salem!

Contact AppearMe for Questions

We are here round the clock to answer all your questions. But before that please visit to learn about the functionalities of this app. You may need the app not only once. AppearMe is rather extensive and you may even hire a court reporter or an interpreter using the same request making procedures.

Call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected]

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