How to Prepare Your Expert Witness for Deposition

Although you’ve probably heard this a thousand times, it’s worth repeating: An expert witness can make or break a case. A well-prepared expert witness will certainly perform better at deposition, and significantly improve the outcome of a case. Thus preparing a professional witness is crucially important. Keep these tips in mind to prepare your expert before the deposition.

  • Orient your expert witness to the law and the deposition process
  • Provide the expert with all necessary materials and information
  • Your expert witness needs to know all the facts of the case 
  • Prepare your expert witness for cross-examination 
  • Explain the likely goals of opposing counsel
  • Don’t forget about the little things: Let your expert know when and where to appear, how many attorneys will likely be present, the anticipated length of the deposition, if the deposition will be videotaped, etc. 


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